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Etiquette, Public Speaking & Job-Readiness
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We make sure students' are prepared to LEADENGAGE and DELIVER.

Tea & Crumpets serves as a partner to parents, educators and volunteers to provide the tools that all young people need to be successful, confident and prepared citizens of this global and competitive world. Workshops typically last for one  hour depending on the covered material. Sessions range from one day to a full academic year.

Learn about our Social Grace and Communication workshops below.
** Individual sessions are available upon request. 


First Impressions are lasting and you want to learn early on how to make those 30 seconds memorable with confidence. 

Being a Gracious Host/Guest
Considerate and thoughtful are words that come to mind whether you are the host or guest of someone's home. This workshop teaches the unwritten expectations that will get you a second invitation.

International Protocol
Traveling abroad for vacation or with a group of classmates and need to learn the norms of that culture? This workshop is perfect to experience and learn hands-on social norms of various cultures. You will represent America well.

Table Manners
Many interviews and life-changing moments take place while breaking bread. Learn the essentials that go beyond "elbows off the table." 

Style and Grooming
Personal appearance can only enhance your brand. There are rules of appropriate dress for different occasions whether its an interview or visiting a new friends church for Mass. 

Ballroom Dancing
Preparing for your debut at the Cotillion or want to plan a fun and active activity for your class. Learn poise, excellent posture and grace while dancing the waltz, foxtrot or salsa.


Public Speaking (JUNIOR SPEAKERS CLUB-Perfect as an AFTER SCHOOL Program) 
Glossophobia, or the fear of public speaking is one of the biggest fears among Americans, more so than death. We can't escape it, whether we have to present in front of classmates or colleagues this workshop will help to prepare to speak clearly and with confidence.

Policy Debate
Do you like to argue? Are you competitive? Do enjoy conducting research? If yes, you should take Debate as an elective!

Students will learn critical thinking skills and persuasive communication techniques. Our class trains students to debate on diverse issues such as domestic surveillance and immigration reform.

Telephone Etiquette
Can you hear me now? In this age of cell phone use and casual communication, this workshop teaches how your telephone presence is equally as important as your in-person brand. 

One can never start too early to prepare for that summer job or internship. Sharing your story and skills with confidence.

Social Media Presence
​Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the likes are all a part of your BRAND. What do your social media pages say about you. Learn to be strategic in telling your story.